Welcome to the Magnolia Park Townhome Community!

Located in the South Park area just minutes from "uptown" in Charlotte, NC. Within walking distance to South Park Mall, the YMCA, Park Road Park, grocery stores and various restaurants, Magnolia Park Townhome Community is in a prime location. We have 15 buildings and a total of 121 townhomes. To locate us, type in Gingermill Lane, Charlotte, NC 28209 into www.maps.google.com or with your GPS. Contact us at president@magnoliapark.org.


1. Floodplain changes (posted October 1, 2010)

2. Door Locking Device (posted March 24, 2010)

Many home burglaries involve brute force to break open doors. In most cases, it is not the door that breaks, but the door frame. The device shown below was recently located online by officers. It is mounted to the floor with screws and helps prevent the door itself from moving inward. The company web site features more pictures and video demonstrations. The upright part of the device slides out to the side, allowing the door to swing across the top of the mounting plate. It may be a good option for doors that are not used much and any time there is someone home inside to put it in place.

3. Residential Alarms-
If you have an electronic burglar alarm system installed in your home in Magnolia Park (city limits of Charlotte or the unincorporated areas of Mecklenburg County), it must be registered. A permit is valid for twelve months from the date of issuance. You can go to www.charmeck.org for more information & application.

4. Greenway Contruction-
The new Little Sugar Creek Greenway is under construction. “When complete, the greenway will feature 15 miles of paths, habitats and flowing water from Cordelia Park just north of uptown, through the Midtown Square area to the South Carolina line, conveniently linking CPCC, CMS and the Park Road and Carolina Place shopping areas.” See more….

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